About this Project

This Project started one week ago (March 17, 2011) when I was speaking to Akila Ninomiya, a Japanese panorama photographer. We both wished that it would be possible to make panoramic images of the damaged areas. As believers in the medium of 360º photography, we knew that it would be one of the most effective ways to show these places to the people of the world.

After some very quick planning, emails to friends and colleagues, and some very long Skype chats, we secured enough funds to pay for Akila’s trip, and this project was underway.

It is a testament to today’s technology that I was even able to communicate with Akila – we do not have a language in common; we have never met, and we have never spoken or seen one another’s face. We used online translation tools such as Google Translate, and while not perfect or fast, we have been able to talk and organize this project.

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